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How Bikram Yoga Helps Heal the Body

May 092020


undefinedWith students back in school and snowbirds back for “season” there is an increased potential to catch a bug - whether someone is passing it around the classroom or it is traveling here from up north. There are preventative measures that can be exercised to decrease the risk of catching an illness.

In general, regular exercise can help ward off colds and flus by strengthening the immune system. The heat and humidity in the Bikram yoga studio help to enhance this benefit. The Bikram yoga practice also works every ligament, muscle, joint, and organ in the body which in turn can help the body heal from the inside out.

The body’s natural defense system is to raise its internal temperature to fight off infections or viruses that may come into its path. The heat and humidity in the yoga studio mimic this natural process. It also helps to clear nasal passages and makes breathing easier.

Sweat is another powerful healer. It works to:

1. Help the skin heal wounds.

2. Help rid the body of toxins and replacing lost fluids with fresh cleansing water. It is like an internal cleaning for the body.

3. Releases a natural antibiotic called dermcidin, produced by our skin when we sweat. This is a highly efficient tool to fight germs and other dangerous bugs.

A regular Bikram yoga practice lends positive effects on the mind and body. Some of its positive benefits also include:


1. Exhalations bring energy to cells.

2. Relaxes the mind promoting lower cortisol levels helping to ward ogf stress-induced illness.

Circulation and Blood Flow

1. In some posters an arthritis preventing (and in some cases, reversing) grip is used.

2. Postures that temporarily restrict blood flow and once released induces rich oxygenated blood to flow into the restricted areas such as knees and ankles which promotes healing.

Internal Organs

1. Head-to-knee compression posture stimulates the thyroid.

2. Part of the practice increases the heart rate providing cardiovascular benefits.

3. Stretches kidneys and other vital organs that would otherwise be stagnant.

4. Expands and strengthens the lungs through breathing exercises throughout the class.

Weight Management

1. Regular practice can help one to obtain and maintain a healthy weight.



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