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Our teachers care about you and your individual goals and aspirations. At Yoga Loka, you will get one-on-one attention, assists and adjustments, and an opportunity to create a practice that strengthens and sustains you – all because our teachers and you will work together closely.



Private yoga instructor


Private yoga instructor and spiritual life coach

Bill began his yoga practice shortly after returning home from the Vietnam war in 1969. Having n witnessed the unnecessary destruction of human life that war brings he turned to the solace of spiritual study which naturally led to the study of Yoga and its multi- dimensional arenas which included the aspects of Hatha , study and devotion. After years of Hatha Yoga investigation he was introduced to Bikram style Hatha Yoga and it rang a physiological bell. Having been very active in sports all his life,the heat and regimentation of the Bikram series appealed to his body. When Sandy , his wife of over Fifty years who also was drawn to the Bikram style, decided to take the first Bikram teachers training in 1994. When she returned from the training Bill and his sons built the first Yoga Loka in San Rafael. In 1994 Bill enrolled and completed the training and joined her in the business as their co-lifelong spiritual practice Bill teaches with a flair for physiological,nutritional, meditational and with humour Bill continues an extensive spiritual ,Yoga and nutritional study and loves his students unconditionally.

Bikram Method Yoga Studio
90 minute classes, 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises
30 days for $40.00