Meet Our Team of Yoga & Fitness Teachers

Our teachers care about you and your individual goals and aspirations. At Yoga Loka, you will get one-on-one attention, assists and adjustments, and an opportunity to create a practice that strengthens and sustains you – all because our teachers and you will work together closely.



Private yoga instructor


Private yoga instructor and spiritual life coach

Since introduced to sports, dance and VHS workout tapes at the age of 5, Kayla has grown increasingly enthusiastic about physical fitness and wellness. Kayla has practiced yoga for over 15 years, which includes a dedicated Bikram practice of 9 years at her happy place,Yoga Loka. Kayla is a firm believer that a consistent yoga practice not only provides the body with increased athleticism, and a harnessed ability to focus, but also serves as a persistent reminder that the simplest act of love is paying attention. Yoga brings body awareness, which creates body confidence and cultivates a sense of grace. Grace develops alongside with mental clarity, which can help facilitate deeper introspection into the self. What drives you, what’s your purpose, what gifts have you been given to contribute to this world? Come and find out with a consistent yoga practice. In 2009, Kayla graduated from Sac State with a degree in international and intercultural communication studies. She completed 200 hour yoga training. Kayla knows the biggest room in the world is room for improvement and hopes to continue her asana practice as well as her quest for spiritual enrichment- for life.

Bikram Method Yoga Studio
90 minute classes, 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises
30 days for $40.00