Meet Our Team of Yoga & Fitness Teachers

Our teachers care about you and your individual goals and aspirations. At Yoga Loka, you will get one-on-one attention, assists and adjustments, and an opportunity to create a practice that strengthens and sustains you – all because our teachers and you will work together closely.


Mireya Herrera

Private yoga instructor

Mireya Herrera

Private yoga instructor and spiritual life coach

Yoga Loka has been my Home for over 17 years: it is love, support and family. After a car accident, it was suggested that I move my neck under heat. Yoga Loka has given me the opportunity to heal, strengthen and honor my body, heart, and soul. After practicing for a year, Sandy McCauley began instructing me to become a teacher. I studied under her for two years. She patiently instructed, corrected, and encouraged my training. My profound thanks to Bill and Sandy McCauley for sparking my interest in becoming a teacher and for their dedication to my training. It is my honor and privilege to share with others the sublime benefits and joy that I have experienced from yoga. Thank you to Yoga Loka for the gift of teaching.

Bikram Method Yoga Studio
90 minute classes, 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises
30 days for $40.00