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Our teachers care about you and your individual goals and aspirations. At Yoga Loka, you will get one-on-one attention, assists and adjustments, and an opportunity to create a practice that strengthens and sustains you – all because our teachers and you will work together closely.



Private yoga instructor


Private yoga instructor and spiritual life coach

I first tried Bikram Yoga in May 2008 at Santa Clara, CA. My first class was led under the room temperature as the heater did not work for that day. I signed up the 30 days new student special right away as I thought it was easy and relaxed. I was SO WRONG! When I returned for the second class, I was crawling out from the room before Spine Twist as I could not stand the heat burning my skin from head to toes, the sweat from me and others, the smelly carpet, the teacher’s yelling voice, and the confusing dialogue. “THIS IS SUFFERING!” was screaming in my head. However, I kept going back to the torture chamber because feeling great after each class was guaranteed. The inner peace was calling and real as soon as Pranayama began at each class.

In 2014, I was physically and mentally broken and lost. I quit my job and decided to go to the teacher training in Thailand, which my intention was simply to refine my practice and hopefully to find myself again. Surprisingly, the teaching experience has been humbling and rewarding, of which has become the best gift in my yoga journey. What inspires me the most is to see people to breathe, to stretch, to re-connect themselves, and to start feeling good again in a long time.

Bikram Method Yoga Studio
90 minute classes, 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises
30 days for $40.00